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Algolia is a digital marketing tool that assists businesses in various industries to create quick, relevant and scalable site search and discovery solutions. Put simply, Algolia is a hosted search engine or search API that can provide real-time results within a website, blog or mobile application. If you are looking to add a quick, and efficient search feature on your website or blog, then Algolia is the tool for you. Algolia hosted search engine brings up results immediately a user enters their first keystroke. This tool has received worldwide recognition for its effectiveness, speed and reliability. You can try this tool for free or subscribe to one of their payment plans depending on your search requirements.

Deliver what your customers want every time
Algolia’s search-as-a-service and full suite of APIs allow teams to easily develop tailored, fast Search and Discovery experiences that delight and convert.

Experiences that matter to your business

Personalized shopping experiences that convert
Your users want an intuitive shopping experience. Algolia enables teams to create a personalized site Search and Discovery experience that customers will love.

Unique experiences to drive engagement
Users are looking to consume engaging content. Algolia empowers teams to surface the freshest and most relevant content, and ultimately drive user satisfaction.

Powerful APIs to fit your use case
Every product deserves a bespoke Search and Discovery experience. Algolia’s flexible APIs and UI toolkits provides teams with the resources necessary to build the experience best suited for your needs.

Algolia obsesses over developer experience
Our mission is to give development teams the building blocks to create a fast, relevant search experience. Extensive documentation & guides, an active community, 24/7 support make it a pleasure to work with Algolia.