Supercharge your mobile growth.
Increase mobile revenue with enterprise-grade links built to acquire, engage, and measure across all devices, channels, and platforms.

The industry-leading mobile measurement and deep linking platform, trusted by the most top ranking apps to increase efficiency and revenue. The best in mobile use Branch.

Flawless user experiences
Better performance in every channel across web, email, ads, and app

Branch handles all the complexity so that your links work across every platform and channel. Our strong link matching guarantees that your users are delivered exactly where you want them. From deep linked re-engagement ads to web and email campaigns that seamlessly continue the journey even after users pause to install your app, Branch helps you drive better performance in all of your channels.

Attribution & Analytics
Attribution for everything
Capture every customer touchpoint across any channel, platform, and OS.

Customer journeys are fragmented across channels and platforms, but legacy attribution systems are unable to connect the dots because they see each fragment as a different, anonymous user.

Branch’s People-Based Attribution uses deterministic web cookie + device ID pairs to match touchpoints from every channel with conversions on any platform. We empower you to eliminate the ambiguity of fingerprint-based attribution and unify fragmented data to show you each customer’s full journey. The result: more data to optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI.

Seamless integrations
The missing piece of your marketing stack

Branch works together with all the tools in your existing marketing set. We integrate with leading email providers, social platforms, data analytics tools, and ad networks. From media execution and marketing automation to data warehouses and analytics, a one-time sync of the Branch platform across your channels will make sure all of your data is sent where you want it to go.