ADCORE is a leading provider of machine-learning powered advertising technologies. Our suite of solutions empowers digital advertisers with automated solutions to enhance and maximize their Search Engine Marketing. ADCORE’s technologies are designed for in-house marketing professionals, freelancers and advertising agencies to scale their SEM activity and maximize their ROI.
The ultimate search solution
From campaign creation to smart bidding
Hit your campaign targets with pin-point accuracy
ADCORE Views’ machine-learning bidding algorithms allow you to set target ROAS and CPA goals to your campaigns with a click of a button. Our algorithms are trained to work with minimal amount of conversions and are effective for any campaign size. Unlike Google, you can fine tune our algorithms to fit your specific needs.

Easily create custom optimization rules
Achieve better results in less time with ADCORE Views’ automated rules. Effectively reach your targets and ensure superior campaigns performance.
No coding is required, to set up a rule, simply record your day to day optimization actions on any campaign level and the machine will rerun it for you.

Generate ads and keywords based on your data feed
Dynamically create campaigns, ads and keywords in real time straight from your data feed. Scale efforts quickly by automating the entire campaign creation process.
Our built-in inventory manager will make sure to automatically update your campaigns according to any price or stock level change in your website’s inventory.

Customize client ready reports and dashboards
Easily create customized eye-catching reports and dashboards, using a simple drag and drop functionality.
Select from a list of 20 different chart types and graphs.
Schedule the reports to run on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep you and your team up-to-date with your account’s performance.