Brandify is an industry-leading software system that provides location-based online marketing solutions to help your brand connect with its customers. The system does this by capturing important data and providing customized solutions to let your brand maximize its online presence. This will help drive customers to your brand’s locations. This software system was formerly called Where2GetIt and powers over 300 brands serving over 4.5-million brick and mortar business locations. The system can help your brand reach millions of clients across the globe. It helps local businesses to develop marketing solutions such as brand score platform, mobile-local technologies, local advertising, scalable local SEO, and local-social marketing tools.

Where Local Happens
Connecting global brands with consumers in the moment by leveraging the most comprehensive location technology solutions in the market.

Why Brandify
Leading Location Tech
Building local enterprise authority across digital since 1997, starting with our Store Locator. Master Local with Brandify.
Single Answer to Local
Reach consumers using an omni-channeled platform for listings, reviews, lead gen, advertising and more.

Innovation First
An intelligent platform informing strategic local action, globally. Tap into AI, with Brandify.

Premier Listings Network
Brandify sets the industry benchmark for quality Listings Management, support and network reach.

Know Your Local Reach
Scan up to 25 locations for free to score the health of your listings across top tier sites.