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Simple CRM software for your business.

Centrium will help you and your team manage contacts, close deals and keep track of work that needs to be done.

Why Centrium?
Use stored contact`s history to effectively handle multiple customers.
Achieve better sales results by streamlining the process and personalizing offers based on customer information.
Your team can work faster and more efficiently, using task lists, calendars and projects.
What can Centrium do for me?
Store and share contacts

Store all contacts, both people and organizations in one place. Share contacts with your team so everyone has the same view of contacts` data.

Keep track of communications

Save communication history by posting notes, messages, files and photos. Share and discuss with your team to solve problems together.

Organize leads and sales

Add and manage deals. Track them from the first contact to getting paid. Attach tasks and contacts. Find out why you lost or won last deals.

Get things done

Assign and close tasks with your team. Make sure that no task is left behind. Keep track of pending and assigned tasks in shared calendars.

Stay up to date

Smart e-mail and in-app notifications will let you know whenever something important happens. Centrium will keep you up to speed.

Manage projects

Combine multiple tasks into milestones and projects. Assign parts of work to different teammembers in order to get things done faster and keep everyone in the loop.