Empowerkit is a Content Marketing and SEO Tool for Franchisees. An investment for any Franchise, it provides results-driven, mobile-friendly websites help franchisees succeed in their local market. Key features include SEO content creation, brand management tools, a multi-suite of marketing tools, reporting, mobile optimization, and human support for help when you need it.
Fully customizable, Empowerkit offers a variety of service packages to make franchise website management easy. While it is a fully hosted and managed service, both you and your franchisee will have a certain level of input and control, so you can be confident your site will remain brand compliant as your watch your marketing efforts soar.

SEO Local Websites for Your Franchise

Content Marketing & SEO Made Effortless for Your Franchisees!
No worries about the execution!
Your franchisees can choose from a variety of service packages designed to handle their online marketing efforts on their behalf! Learn more

real support person Franchise SEO

Updates by phone
Your franchisees can call us directly to make new content updates in their local websites. We make sure the content updates are compliant.

Compliant content creation
Our staff works with your franchisees and your compliance team to produce compliant, unique online content that helps you with your SEO.

The Perfect Mix of Technology & Service to Foster

Energize recruitment efforts now!
Franchisees more than ever are looking for a complete local marketing assistance program. Are you ahead of your competitors?

Better rankings mean more revenue
Refreshed franchisee sites are ranked higher by the major search engines, which produce more leads and revenue!

Free for you & your franchisees
You & your franchisees get Empowerkit for free. We only charge for optional one-on-one support requests.

Brand compliant & engaging
Empowerkit has made it possible for both you & your franchisees to have a healthy mix of input & control!

Franchise website management made easy!

Optional enrollment
Provide Empowerkit only to interested franchisees! Make it optional!