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Track dark social & automate the social distribution of your most viral content

Get Social is a Social Analytics and Publishing platform that uses Dark Social to improve your reach clicks by 42% on Social Media
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An all-in-one suite for content performance analytics & distribution

Track 100% of your shares
If you’re not tracking dark social sharing of your content, you’re missing out on 78% of all social shares.

Get full visibility with our Dark Social Analytics and uncover how your audience shares your content across devices and in the Dark Social space.

Make data-driven decisions to maximize your ROI.

Effective content that saves you time
Automatically distribute your best-performing content on social media. Our automation solution identifies the best time and social network to publish your content to maximize engagement and traffic.

No more random scheduling, only data-driven decisions. Get notified and measure when your content becomes viral with our proprietary Virality Score and Alerts.

Full visibility on ROI
Gain full visibility and correctly attribute your social traffic coming from private channels such as WhatsApp or email. Don’t miss out on proving higher content ROI with Dark Social Analytics.

Identify trends with post-level performance stats and get the full picture of your audience sharing patterns and traffic driven as a consequence.

Track Dark Social and understand your audience sharing behavior