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Create interactive videos enhanced with content… Boost your business and your digital presence!

Go Digital…
Go Hypermedia!

Create interactive videos enhanced with content and achieve your goals
with your presentations, tutorials, classes, assessments, marketing messages…

Create powerful interactive videos with HypermediaLAB
– Evolve your conventional videos into hypermedias –
Customize your videos with interactive content, grabbing your audience attention
– boost your brand and your digital presence –

Creative design
Templates/Themes to create interactive videos
Customize your video with headers, signoffs, music and your brand or logo

Professional filming
SelfRecord, upload videos, screenshots, edit sound…
Use a Teleprompter like a professional speaker
Video Library for recording selfies and multi-captures

Interactive + Content
Gamify the experience with buttons to websites, videos and Social Media
Add files, quizzes, pop-up ads, key messages, images, within your interactive video

Simple integration
Export and embed your interactive video into your website, Campus-LMS, Social Media through URL, iFrame and SCORM package
Customizable video libraries for your courses, training sessions…