Kontent Machine


Take Control of Your Site’s SEO with Kontent Machine

Kontent Machine brings SEO within your control by letting you build various types of backlinks for SEO campaigns, embed relevant videos, insert hundreds of images, and create high-quality articles.

It is the best tool when it comes to diversifying your anchor text without leaving any footprints. You can make the most of advanced co-citation features to improve your site’s ranking.

Kontent Machine also allows you to sandbox your website by linking all your internal pages right from your homepage. If you are one of those who wants to develop high-quality content with optimal number of keywords, look no further than Kontent Machine.

STOP Reading Unless You Want To…
1) Rank #1 With a Bad-Ass Link Profile
Ranking with blog comments is so 2005. The best type of backlinks you could have is contextual links coming from hundreds of unique and relevant articles.

Not only that, but you also need to diversify your anchor text and not leave any footprints.

2) Avoid Footprints With Advanced Co-Citation
Everybody and their grandma is spamming Google and leaving massive footprints.

Don’t be the one getting slapped over and over again. With advanced co-citation and two minutes of your time you will be ranking as a pro and still stay under the radar.

3) Shoot All Your Inner Pages to #1
The quickest way to get your website sandboxed is linking to your homepage only.

It worked like magic back in the days. Not anymore, though.

Why not rank ALL your inner pages?

Powerful Article Builder
Create super-spun articles out of any seed keyword (even ‘granny panties’)

All Types of Backlinks
Build every type of hyperlink that you need for your SEO campaigns.

Cloud Campaigns
Create and upload your campaigns to the cloud. You can then pull them in whatever tool you want to.

Quick Campaigns
Create thousands of articles with just a few clicks.

Kick-Ass Autoblogger
Push and schedule content for your blog networks with a couple of clicks.

Locally Saved Files
Build super-spun articles out of your locally saved text files.

Embed Videos
Find and embed relevant videos 100% automatically.

Relevant Images
Automatically find and insert hundreds of relevant images.

Bonus Tools
Use the additional 7 tools to power-up your SEO.

Save and re-use your favorite settings as blueprints.

Free Spinner
Save money with the free built-in content spinner.

Content for All Tiers
Use the built-in settings for controlling the content quality.