Lead Enforce


Lead Enforce

Lead Enforce is a powerful tool that can help you improve your website’s lead generation capabilities. It allows you to track and analyze the performance of your lead generation forms and make changes based on the collected data.

Lead Enforce Key Features

1. Target Groups and Pages with Social Media Ads

Target group members, influencers’ followers, or even post likers in your social media ads.

  • Save Time on Targeting: Create your Profitable Audience in Just Minutes without Additional Research.
  • Find untapped Audiences: Find new Profitable Audiences that are beyond any competition.
  • Increase conversion rates: With highly targeted audiences, increase conversion and engagement rates.

Facebook Groups Targeting

  • Facebook Group Members: Directly from the targeting of social media groups, create an engagement custom audience.
  • Facebook Profile Followers: Utilize social media followers to target the audience of the influencers directly.
  • Facebook Post Engagement: Laser-focused audiences are utilized to target ads based on the post, video, or photo engagement.

Facebook Professional Targeting

  • Access the decision-makers in the business
  • Select based on job title or business name
  • Spend less time looking for essential contacts.

2. Instagram Targeting

The most significant benefit of using Lead Enforce is targeting people who do not follow you on Instagram.

  • Time-Saving: Skip the negotiation and ad review processes.
  • Results-Driven: Reaching highly targeted consumers to increase ROI.
  • Cost-Effective: Pay just for conversions and clicks that are relevant.

For any Influencer

  • Access an Influencer’s Audience Immediately.
  • Avert any further restrictions that the influencer might impose.

For Any Budget

  • Select a flexible advertising budget with no minimum spending constraints.
  • Pay for actual ad performance results rather than just having your ads placed.

Familiar Toolkit

  • For more accurate targeting, combine Facebook filters with influencers’ audiences.
  • Place bids and track your advertising as you would with ordinary Facebook campaigns.

3. LinkedIn Targeting

Create an audience of specialists you want to reach with professional targeting.

  • Reach Your Prospects List: Promote your list of potential customers utilizing various ad distribution platforms.
  • Increase Efficiency: Increase the target’s level of specificity.
  • Multi-Channel: Tell your audience the same story in various ways.

High-Quality Professional Audience

  • Access the decision-makers in the business
  • A rise in ROI
  • Eliminate negative personas

Use LinkedIn data to create an Audience

  • Company personnel being targeted
  • Employer targeting
  • Targeting company followers

Less Budget spent compared to LinkedIn Advertising.

  • Utilize Facebook’s advertising platform more affordably.
  • Reduce the time it takes to build an audience.
  • Avoid paying for audience research.

4. Facebook Competitor Analysis

Learn statistics and audience information for your competitors. Utilize one straightforward instrument to row down and surpass your rivals.

  • Get Access to your competitors’ audiences: Find the chance to have spoken to your competitor’s group members.
  • Assess market conditions using our data: Combine audience data from rivals into a single project to learn more about the target market and niche.
  • Accomplish your targeting: Find the most pertinent audience with data no one can provide.

Add your competitor’s groups to your Lead Enforce audience

Be shrewd and outwit your competitors! Utilize the pages and groups of your rivals for your marketing by adding keywords and specific URLs.

Get the big picture

Demographic information and audience insight are provided. Have Access to this crucial data about the audiences of your rivals’ campaigns to help you focus on your own.

Create a smart advertising strategy

Utilize the data you have got properly. Run a successful campaign that is tailored to your ideal target, and take pleasure in seeing your conversion rates rise.

5. Enhanced Custom Audience

Learn about purchasing personas for your company.

  • Know your Client: You can’t offer what they need except if you know them.
  • Use any Data Pointer:  Email addresses, phone numbers, or even Facebook pixel information can be utilized to make a custom audience.
  • Retarget your Client:  Show your ad to individuals who have just visited your site.

Add a list of your customers.

Make a custom audience of your current and past customers to target with ads. Advertise to those who have already shown an interest in your product or service.

Get information

Learn the analysis using all the information provided. Learn how and where to contact the clients.

Target people everywhere

Don’t be afraid to use all available methods to reach out to your clients.

Why Lead Enforce is very useful

  1. Because it enables you to target your audience more precisely, Lead Enforce is highly helpful.
  2. You can also utilize it to connect with and research the audiences of your rivals.
  3. By saving you time and money on research, Lead Enforce can assist you in developing a more effective marketing campaign.
  4. You may target your present and former clients with advertising using Lead Enforce’s improved custom audience tool, which will raise your conversion rates.
  5. Lead Enforce is a very useful tool that can aid with the success of your marketing initiatives.

Lead Enforce in their own words
Lead Enforce is a SaaS or software as a service that lets you create an audience from Facebook Pages and Facebook Groups. The software gets information from numerous third-party sources outside of Facebook. But the created audience can be easily shared with your Facebook account as a custom audience. The tool is quite easy to use. You can build your own custom audiences by using this software. Everything in the software starts with a project. The personal plan lets you create up to three projects. You can add up to 10 Facebook Groups or Pages per project. The software offers a 7-day free trial.

Target Competitors’Customers and Fans
Use advanced Groups and Pages Targeting Tools to reach your Competitor’s Customers.
Facebook Groups Targeting
Reach your competitors’ clients and fans
Target any Facebook group members
Create a high quality Ad Audience in several minutes
Learn more Start using now
Facebook Professional Targeting
Reach the business decision makers
Target by Job Title or Company name
Save hours on searching for necessary contacts

Facebook Competitor Analysis
Get insights for your competitors’ audiences
Analyse any Facebook group or customers list
Optimize your audience research time

Enhanced Custom Audience
Create high quality retargeting audience
Target by phone numbers, emails or even links to social media profiles
Fast retargeting without personal contact details research

Facebook Groups Targeting
Generate leads directly from interested Facebook pages or groups.

Professional Targeting
Reach a highly specific audience of industry specialists, company employees and followers and attract top talent to your brand.

Export of Created Audiences
Create an audience and upload it as a prospect list to any advertising management tool.

Service Integration
Maximize audience coverage with third-party services.