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More creativity.
Project management for the creative industry.

Is your dynamic work environment
a bit too dynamic?
One day, it’s a fun and challenging workplace. The next, it’s a lawless zoo that somehow still attracts clients. As a project manager you thrive in the first and drown in the latter.

Keep you head above water with the project management platform that will let you handle difficult projects, impossible clients and rebellious creatives with ease

Don’t just take our word for it…
see what others have to say.

More features than you can handle.
All our features have been thoroughly tested on the most demanding customers. Do the test yourself!

Projects & budgets
Instant, real-time insight in the status and budgets of your projects. When did you ever have that? At least now you know who to shout at.

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Time Tracking
Rodeo’s cross-platform time tracking tool is simple and yet extremely accurate. Get a rise out of your creatives by robbing them of the last excuses not to log their hours.

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Planning & Tasks
Getting stuff and getting stuff done is easy with Rodeo: Place elbow on desk, support chin with hand. Assign tasks and lock in resources with keystrokes and clicks by other hand. There. Coffee?