Generate more leads by seeing who visits your site
Leadfeeder shows you the companies visiting your website, how they found you and what they’re interested in.

Here’s how we uncover your hidden leads

Identify visitors

We use Google Analytics to identify companies visiting your site.

See what they do

Contact decision-makers

Send leads to your team

Leadfeeder interface showing visitor company

Over 30,000 sales-people, marketers, and agencies use Leadfeeder to get better results

Marketers & Agencies
Find ready-to-buy sales leads
The people who visit your website are much more likely to buy than someone who has never heard of you. Don’t let those ready-to-buy leads escape

Beat competitors to the sale
Studies show that contacting leads quickly makes it much more likely you will close the deal. Contact your leads before your competitors are even aware of them.

Build better sales pitches
See what content prospects are interested in and use that information in your pitches. Anticipate their needs before you ever speak to them.

Integrate with the tools you already use
Our users love the quality of our leads
9 out of 10 customers agree that the quality of Leadfeeders data is superior to other providers

Filtered for quality leads
Your lead list is automatically scrubbed of bots, ISP’s and other valueless traffic.

Remove unwanted companies
Easily filter and hide companies yourself so you only see (and pay for) quality leads.

A track record of quality
Our data quality team has been improving how we identify leads since 2012.