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Turn your shoppers into buyers
Deliver real-time personalization at scale across web, mobile, email and advertising

Not all product recommendations are created equal
Get maximum impact from your online store’s real estate. LimeSpot AI understands both your products AND your customers. Our platform combines full catalog data with cross-web consumer buying behaviors to deliver real-time personalized recommendations to each and every customer.
LimeSpot Technology
Ranked #1 in Global eCommerce Personalization Technology

Personalized Shopping on a Whole New Level

Show customers the right products at the right time
LimeSpot understands customer intent and purchasing behavior by tracking their journey across different digital touchpoints.

Personalize every step of the journey
Personalize from first touch to last — performance marketing, homepage, product, cart, and post purchase – automatically.

Better discovery means a better experience
LimeSpot eCommerce AI results in a better user experience, happier customers and ultimately higher conversions.

Maximum Value Through Automation