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Collaborative Mind Mapping
It All Starts
with an Idea.

How to Mind Map, Beautifully
Features for Your Big Ideas.
Mind mapping starts with a main idea in the center of your mind map. Create unlimited subtopics and explore your thoughts, color coding for clarity and style. As your map takes shape, add context to topics with attachments, embedded media and more. MindMeister’s features guide you through your first mind maps onto maximum creativity.

Unlock Your Imagination
Mind Map Online.
MindMeister makes creating stunning mind maps easy. Our intuitive editor allows you to map your big ideas together with your team, quickly and beautifully. From project planning, to brainstorming, to meeting management, set your collaborative creativity free and create epic mind maps.

Develop your big ideas
What Is Online Mind Mapping?
Mind mapping is a powerful technique that helps you visualize your thoughts and communicate them to others. MindMeister’s easy-to-use, web-based mind map maker provides an infinite canvas for brainstorming, note taking, project planning and countless other creative tasks, no download required. With MindMeister mobile, you can take your ideas with you wherever you go.