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User feedback software for websites and mobile apps
Fully understand why your users do what they do. With Mopinion you can easily collect and analyse user feedback from your website and mobile apps. Drive strategy, improve online channels and empower digital teams with faster and better decision making based on the Voice of the Customer.

Feedback forms

Improve the performance and user experience of your website and apps with fully customisable feedback forms.
Mopinion: How to build the best online feedback forms – Build
Multiple form display modes
Decide on the position of your feedback buttons and choose whether your form is opened in a modal, as a slide-in form, embedded on the page or in a mobile app.

A superior in-app feedback solution
Use our mobile SDK for iOS and Android to easily collect in-app feedback. This innovative solution fully integrates with your mobile native user experience.

Easy setup and full control
Build your own feedback forms with various question elements, such as open comments and scores (including NPS and Csat).

Complete customisation of look and feel
Customise the complete look and feel of your feedback forms and buttons to give your visitors a fully branded experience.

Advanced question routing
Decide which feedback questions to show or hide, based on the input of your users.

Visual user feedback

Collect visual feedback to understand what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from achieving it.
Automated screenshots
Allow users to select page elements that they want to provide feedback on. This page element is then submitted as a screenshot together with all other feedback.

Combined with question routing
Decide who you want to give the option to add a screenshot based on questions and answers in your survey.

HTML and metadata included
Each feedback item comes with a screenshot and is paired with page metadata – device, screen resolution, and more.

Add mobile native screenshot
The Mopinion SDK for iOS and Android allows you to collect visual feedback in your mobile app and adds screenshots from the app to user feedback.