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Neptune Web – eMarketing Dashboard & Automation – Sofilytics eMarketing Dashboard & Automation Software offers everything you need to analyze & increase traffic, convert marketing to sales qualified leads and provide accurate reporting to prove ROI — backed by experienced digital marketing professionals that will help your business grow.

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With our software, you’ll be able to …

Easily analyze website traffic data at a granular level.
Accurately identify, process and convert qualified leads to become real opportunities.
Effortlessly push personalized email drip campaigns based on visitor traffic data.
View ALL your Digital Marketing Reports and Analytics seamlessly in one place.
Take advantage of the most competitive pricing in the Industry.
All this at the MOST COMPETITIVE Price in the Industry!

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Sofilytics eMarketing Dashboard Features:
Visitor Insights & Profiles
Track individual prospects with a complete, chronological view of their every online interaction with your website.

Behavioral tracking and flow charts
View top visitors based on customized time period
Insight for informed and targeted marketing
Email Marketing & Automation
Powerful, intuitive direct email marketing and campaign management for relevant one-to-one messaging.

Build and personalize
A/B Testing
Easy campaign management with built-in automation
Search Engine Optimization
Our SEO manager gives you exclusive access to the tools that we use for our clients, proven over time to translate into high-level SEO performance.

Track and analyze keywords and keywords categories
Compare results against competitive domains
Access to exclusive search engine best-practices list
Custom reporting
Paid Search
Track the effectiveness of your paid search campaigns and determine the necessary actions to take for improvement.

Metrics for improved targeting
ROI meter
All the power of Google in a simple interface that is completely integrated with all other eMarketing efforts is what transforms standard analytics into actionable data.

Tie metrics to specific contact information
Actionable data to make informed decisions
Weekly email report customized to your needs
Landing Page Manager
It has never been easier to create and edit professional-quality landing pages and web forms on the fly.

Seamless creation and personalization of landing pages
Customized Web Forms
Easy tie into all Campaign types
Integrated reporting and behavior tracking
A/B Testing
Social Media
The increased importance of social media in how people view and share information makes it a key outlet to track in order to realize its full potential.

Maximize social impact
Target and improve performance based on metrics
Tie outlets into metrics & analytics