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Reddit Keyword Monitoring for Businesses

Generate New Leads
Find people on Reddit who are looking for products like yours!

Market your Product
Monitor mentions of your product to post helpful purchase links and engage with customers.

Track your Competitors
Find out what people are saying about your competitors and respond with links to your own products.

Mobile Friendly
Works great on any device, no matter the size!

NfR searches every single object created on Reddit and NEVER misses a comment, link, or post!

NfR will find a match and send you an email within seconds of the match being posted on Reddit!

How it works

With Notifier for Reddit (NfR) you create Searchers.

You can think of them as your own personal robot that constantly checks Reddit for you! The moment it detects a match it either emails you immediately or stores the result to send to you in a summary email!

Add a Searcher with the keywords you are looking for:

You then specify:

Case Sensitivity
Notification Interval – Do you want to be notified by Email instantly or just once a day?
Subreddits to Include or Exclude – Do you want to only include results from certain Subreddits? Or maybe you want to include results from all subreddits except certain ones?