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Nudgify – Create Moments That Matter
Increase sales and sign ups by up to 15% with ethical Social Proof and FOMO powered by real-time data

Increase engagement and conversions with Nudges based on Social Proof & FOMO
Popularity Nudge based on Social Proof
Let people know how popular your products are.

Order Soon Nudge based on Urgency
Introduce a time limit, creating a sense of urgency.

Review Nudge based on Social Proof
Create trust and remove doubt with real customer reviews.

Selling Fast This product is likely to be sold out in 3 days

Low Stock Nudge based on FOMO
Low stock alerts make people take action, to avoid missing out.

Free Delivery Nudge based on Friction
Incentivise purchases with a target for free delivery.

Custom Nudge
Your own stuff
Create your own nudge for your store.