Optimize Now


Designed By Humans to Act Like One
Responsive artificial intelligence with a proven track record in social media management and optimization

Powering the Artificial Intelligence Inside Iris
Optimize Now is a proprietary blend of Brand Networks algorithms and functionality designed to help advertising teams make fewer errors, save more time, and deliver more thoughtful, more consistent social ad campaigns. In short, this assistive artificial intelligence engine helps ad teams work better, faster, and smarter.

The technology also lowers the learning curve for auction-based social advertisers by reducing the need to understand all the nuanced differences among social advertising platforms. This way, social advertising analysts can advance to expert-level execution, optimization and management in less time and with less experience.

Automating the Basic Building Blocks of Live Social Media Campaign Optimization
Optimize Now frees media analysts from time-consuming busy work that distracts from high impact activities, saving the average individual media analyst 8 hours per week in repetitive calculations and tasks. Under active development since early 2014, the first human tasks Optimize Now was designed to automate are the most time-consuming ones:

Budget Management: Allocates budgets at the Ad Set / Ad Group level, based on performance and duration to spend in full.
Bid Management: Raises or lowers bids based on campaign pacing, isolating the right bid needed to achieve optimal delivery and performance.
Ad Management: Pauses and replaces Ads and Ad Sets / Ad Groups at regular intervals based on performance, spend or a predefined runtime.

While it eliminates repetitive tasks from the to-do lists of media teams that use Iris, media teams also love Optimize Now because they don’t have to sacrifice control over their campaigns to make use of it. Advertisers can read and react to campaign performance, just like always, replacing ad creatives and targeting specifications on the fly without disrupting the artificial intelligence.

Optimize Now includes systems informed by hundreds of expert paid social media analysts and the Brand Networks data science team. Internal machine learning algorithms train themselves based on individual Ad Account historicals, reacting in near-real-time to changes in the social advertising auctions.

Optimize Now is regularly trained and calibrated by both humans and underlying machine learning systems to work like an expert media analyst in all the campaigns it helps manage across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat.

AI is the future of social advertising, because it stands to enhance the abilities of media teams immediately. Brand Networks has shown that Optimize Now:

Reduces the risk of overspend by 50%
Increases the likelihood of spending earmarked budgets in full by 14%
Informed by programmatic advertising solutions that came before it in display advertising, Optimize Now approaches social advertising auctions from the perspective of the media analyst operating the campaign. It improves the ability of advertising teams to avoid over pacing, over spending and otherwise committing the kind of fatal errors that result in advertiser re-evaluations and investment strategy reviews.

Optimize Now automates budget allocation and assists advertising teams in delivering their budgets in full to maximize campaign value and impact. What it doesn’t do is try to override or disrupt the algorithms running inside the social advertising auctions hosted by our partners.