Quantify Ninja


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Take greater control of your sales, monitor your orders, and increase your traffic with Quantify Ninja. An all-in-one software suite for Amazon Sellers, it includes a set of “ninja tools” to help you take your online business to the next level with Business Intelligence, Keyword Optimizer, ASIN Hacker, Stop Losses and Add Gains.
Quantify Ninja takes just minutes to learn and days to master. It supports all Amazon marketplaces, and there are two affordable plans to choose from. You can try it for free for 30-days and start seeing results in just a few days. The aim of Quantify Ninja is to convert your buyers into loyal fans and stop hi-jackers in their tracks with innovative Amazon seller software that puts you in complete control of your online business.

What Is Quantify Ninja?

Quantify Ninja is the perfect tool if you sell on Amazon as it helps you to completely control your sales process. It also enables you to track, automate as well as follow up on all your orders. This is an all-in-one tool that will help to increase traffic and turn customers into fans of your brand. Some of the available tools include data on orders, ROI calculations, profits manager, notifications in real time, keyword optimization, automated messaging, coupon creation and more. It can even help to prevent list high-jacking and ensure you get your money back from Amazon. The platform is very easy and intuitive and once you start using it, you’ll have much greater control over your sales which will enable you to grow much faster than ever before.

Outplay the Amazon Game
With a 360° set of ninja tools focused on providing you with a higher conversion rate

Are we doing all it takes to win?
We are Amazon sellers ourselves and this is the question we ask ourselves on daily basis. The ever-increasing number of sellers constantly joining Amazon makes this game possible only for the fittest. Only those who are willing to invest the time in new tools and hacks will survive.

This fear of losing in the competitive environment is what drives us to develop new tools and hacks.

This fear-based drive is what made our platform so successful in such a short time. Join us as we continue to innovate and disrupt the category, because fear is what makes us evolve.

Complete set of unique tools, covering you from every angle
Business Intelligence
It is difficult to know how much you actually earn, especially in real time. This is why we developed the following tools for you: Dashboard, Profits Manager, Real-Time Notifications, Orders Data, and RoI Calculations.

There is always room for optimizing gains and in many cases it creates a drastic change in the positioning and results of your listing. These tools include Keyword Optimizer and ASIN Hacker

Stop Losses
In today’s competitive environment, you need to minimize the risks from losing money. This is why we developed tools to get money back from Amazon and to allow you to see and stop list-highjacking.

Add Gains
A set of tools directly aimed at pushing your potential buyers into return buyers and even ambassadors: Automated Messaging, Coupons and a Virtual Salesperson.