Rarchy is an intuitive visual sitemap generator with a wide array of new-age features. This tool offers an intriguing assessment of a website’s structure with the help of different templates, screenshots, and a built-in sitemap editor. Feel empowered to create some of the world’s most beautiful and well-rounded flow charts using linked sitemap pages and a multitude of icons. The opportunity to understand a site’s underlying foundation allows webmasters the ability to see their website in a new light. This is a tool for those wanting to fine-tune every element associated with their website to rank higher, convert better, and run faster.

Fast. Beautiful. Collaborative.

Use Rarchy to plan your websites information architecture and improve your user’s experience, using our visual sitemaps & user flows editors.
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Visual Sitemaps
Our visual sitemaps tool is the heart of Rarchy’s website planning suite, with a full sitemap editor including autocaptured full-page screenshots and 250+ page wireframe templates to choose from.

We built Rarchy for teams – our editor includes real-time simultaneous changes, page comments to collect feedback, as well as unlimited collaborators per sitemap.

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User Flows
Build beautiful user flow diagrams to plan potential user pathways through your website, from page entrances to key page actions such as checkouts/sign-ups.

Link your sitemap pages in your user flows so edits sync automatically, or create new pages with one of our 250+ page wireframe templates.

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