SearchBlox Search


SearchBlox Search is a renowned AI-based search tool for enterprises. The algorithm provides access to a selection of search features including eCommerce search, enterprise search, chatbots, AWS elasticsearch, and more. Users can customize how the search features are implemented while taking control of valuable data sources. This personalized code offers incredible value through its ability to integrate into any setup. Through detailed processes, the search features continue to allow businesses to optimize how their mobile applications and/or websites function. It is an empowering catalog of features providing an opportunity to increase user engagement and move towards more refined user experience.

SearchBlox™ is an Enterprise Search, Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics Tool for online professionals. Designed to help you search, analyse, and process a variety of data to improve your digital performance, it includes a range of innovative features to help you set up an enterprise search in just a few clicks.
Key features of SearchBlox™ Software include Enterprise Search, Sentiment Analysis, Text Analytics, Site Search, Website Crawling, eCommerce Search, Intranet Search, and Big Data Search. You can filter each search to find what you are looking for by date, file type, or source type, and you can integrate multiple websites on a single platform.

Enterprise Search, Sentiment Analysis & Text Analytics made simple.

Enterprise Search
Fast search to discover information across file systems, websites, databases, cloud or custom content. Integrate with websites and applications.

Sentiment Analysis
Analyze opinions and emotions associated with your products, services and people. Visualize trends for customer satisfaction and people surveys.

Text Analytics
Understand your customer experience and employee engagement levels through analysis of the text data available in your surveys and market research.

Site Search
Create a collection to crawl your website, add a search box to your website and customize the search results pages to match your brand. Integrate multiple websites with a single search box and provide federated search to find the right information.

eCommerce Search
Setting up a collection also allows you to search your product catalog available within a database or a CSV/Excel file. Filter on brand names, size, color, pricing and availability, or custom fields. Products can be recommended based on your customers’ shopping patterns.

Intranet Search
Help intranet users find the information they need from shared drives, databases, wikis, and custom applications. SearchBlox adds federated, faceted search to find this data with a single query. Filters can be organized by date, file type and source type.