Sensor Tower


Sensor Tower is a comprehensive intelligence tool for mobile app store marketing. Learn the ins and outs of optimizing ad sets, generating downloads, and better recognizing what the target audience wants. Begin to dissect a well-laid-out app audit for how the marketing campaign has been positioned, what needs work, and what will generate user engagement. This is a world-class tool for understanding app intelligence, how various data sets work, and which strategies are best suited for your app. Go through various ad sets, pinpoint their efficiency metrics, and quickly begin to push in front of the competition with fine-tuned creatives.

Data That Drives App Growth
Sensor Tower equips you with the data and insights needed to master the mobile app ecosystem.

Data to Answer Critical Business Questions
How is the mobile ecosystem changing?
Sensor Tower is relied upon by financial analysts, VCs, and publishers who are leveraging the data to identify the fastest growing apps, emerging markets, and more.

What will help me increase traffic to my app?
Discover new keywords that will drive the right users to your app page. Develop a clear action plan, tailored to your app, to help you rank in search.

What are the best apps doing?
Get custom alerts when a competitor soft-launches or makes a new strategic move. Know what’s working for your competition before even they do.

How do my ad campaigns measure up?
Get a real-time leaderboard of the top mobile advertisers each week. See who is running new campaigns and which creatives are working.

Gain Valuable Insights On The Greater App Economy
Usage Intelligence
The metrics you need to separate app growth from noise.
Usage Intelligence empowers the Fortune 500 and investment teams in their evaluation of the app economy. With Usage Intelligence you can unveil the metrics that matter most to app vitality. Quickly surface the apps with the best retention, active users, session data and more with the industry’s most trusted data.

App Intelligence
Drive organic growth with the leading App Store Optimization platform.
Your one-stop shop for App Store Optimization and the monitoring of your app’s marketplace performance. Review daily downloads and revenue reports, strategize keyword selection, keep tabs on rankings, analyze reviews, monitor localization efforts, and track your competitor’s every move.

Store Intelligence
Make strategic decisions with the industry’s most accurate estimates.
Whether you’re digging into marketplace performance of your competition or advising clients on the latest app economy trends, make decisions based on the best global download and revenue estimates for the App Store and Google Play.

Ad Intelligence
Discover top creatives. Shape your user acquisition strategy.
Gain a leg up on your competition by integrating Ad Intelligence into your workflow. Analyze the top advertising and ad-displaying apps across major ad networks. Discover insights such as which apps networks partners with, where competitors target spend, and which of their creatives are most effective.