Sitecore Experience Platform


A complete digital experience platform
World-class content management combined with deep data insights deliver omnichannel, personalised interactions in real time.Design and deliver for the web and beyond
In Sitecore® Experience Platform™, marketers access essential tools from one intuitive user interface operating off one experience database. Data in Sitecore® Experience Database™ is processed by Sitecore Cortex™ machine learning to deliver transformational insight that improves business results.

Versatile, integrated digital experience platform
Sitecore XP empowers marketers with comprehensive digital marketing tools, a holistic view of customer needs and machine learning-generated insights—all culminating in highly effective, personalised experiences helping you get to market faster with lower TCO.

Whether used as a full digital marketing platform or integrated with other complementary best-of-breed solutions, Sitecore XP offers marketers and developers the freedom, flexibility and speed to simply reach your customers where they are as a perfect fit to any martech environment.

Easy, quick personalisation without months of training or implementation

Built on the market-leading web CMS Sitecore Experience Manager™ for multilingual, multisite management

Includes Sitecore Cortex™ machine learning for optimised business outcomes

Incorporates all the native tools digital marketers need, including scalable campaign management, advanced analytics, testing, optimisation and omnichannel delivery

Integrates with hundreds of third-party marketing solutions, including Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Retail, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Salesforce CRM, and others

Sitecore XP uniquely collects and connects real-time customer data and interactions from all visits, campaigns and third-party systems over time; stores them in the Sitecore® Experience Database™; then generates real-time actionable insights with Sitecore Cortex™ machine learning for high-impact results.

xDB stores every customer profile, interaction and behaviour over time, including online and offline experiences.

You can interchange data to and from devices, campaigns or third-party sources like CRMs, POS or ERPs for a holistic, rich customer view using Sitecore xConnect.

Testing and optimisation capabilities let you discover new customer segments and revenue opportunities to stay ahead of the competition.

Deliver spot-on, in-context marketing to customers throughout the customer life cycle.

Sitecore XP delivers personalised experiences across the channels of today—with Sitecore Omni™—and scales to support the channels of tomorrow from social, web and mobile to point-of-sale, kiosks, IoT, AR, VR and mixed reality.

Deliver omnichannel experiences across print, web, mobile, social, email—all native to the platform.

Separation of content and presentation allows for headless implementations for both content management or the full digital marketing platform.

Includes native device support, with headless options via the Sitecore® Experience Accelerator (SxA) and JSS

Scale to support channels such as point- of-sale, kiosks, IoT, AR, mixed reality and voice assistants