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A few years ago I was scrolling through Instagram and came across a random quote saying “On average, everyone comes across 7 life-changing opportunities in their lifetime”. I’m not sure if this statistic is true or not but the point is, everyone both rich and poor, white and black, male or female will come across life-changing opportunities.

There are two parts to this. The first part is recognizing the opportunity. The next part is having a set of skills or plan in place that allows you to capitalize on that opportunity while it’s still there. I didn’t believe this was true until I started pondering about my past.

Back in middle school, I was homeschooled. Because of this, I would finish my work early and play games online for the rest of the day. The game I would play a lot had a 3rd party website you could go and buy/sell collectibles. I spent a lot of time on this site earning some cash online. Guess what we used to collect payments?

The first thing we used was the in-game currency that was popular within the game and the second most popular payment option was Bitcoin. At the time, Bitcoin was just over $10 for one coin (2012). Clearly, I was sitting in front of an investment opportunity of a lifetime but I didn’t have any knowledge about investing.

I was able to spot the opportunity but I lacked the knowledge & action plan to take action on that opportunity. During my youth, I joined the Boy Scouts Of America Program (yes I made eagle) and the biggest thing I took away from it was the motto “Be Prepared”. That is truly one of the most important things I have ever learned & is critical when it comes to taking advantage of opportunities.

I’ve created a quote down below that bests explains how to combine these 3 things for success in anything.

Over the years as I have failed multiple businesses, networked with hundreds while reading books and watching podcasts, I have been able to take away something from each experience.

Here go a few down below.

– Selling online gaming accounts
I learned how to read HTML, connect websites to a host, domain names, etc.

– YouTube
I learned how to spot trends early & take advantage of them in a profitable way.

– Dropshipping
I learned how to create high converting websites, urgency/scarcity, supply chains, logistics.

– Social media marketing agency
Run FB & Google ads, ad copyrighting, persuasion, selling, tracking results, Excel.

– Real Estate wholesaling
Price negotiation, relationship building, how to read & write contracts from scratch, delegating tasks/contracts, networking.

Even though I didn’t do too well with most of these, I was constantly adding to my skills and network.

When I decided to put all of my efforts into Trend Watchers, it was extremely hard but if this was my first business, I would have failed. Because of my previous experience, knowledge & network, I was able to take action on this idea fast and bring it to life.

When you look at other successful people’s stories, you will realize that their previous failures prepared them for the business idea/venture that made them their fortune.

Right now, Trend Watchers helps creators spot and take advantage of internet trends, but as time goes on, we will eventually move onto business trends to help prepare people for potential life-changing opportunities.

Dejon Brooks