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VidTao: The Power of Youtube Ads

As a marketer, you know the power of video advertising. You also know that YouTube is one of the most popular sites on the internet, with over a billion users worldwide.

What does VidTao do?

We provide a complete video marketing solution for businesses, including powerful, high-quality targeted ads, optimization tools, and detailed analytics.


  • Promote your videos with VidTao’s powerful video advertising tools.
  • Drive traffic to your videos with our high-quality, targeted video ads.
  • Get more views and subscribers with our optimization tools.
  • Analyze your results with our detailed analytics.


  • A complete video marketing solution for businesses.
  • Please choose from our wide range of video ad products, including in-stream and in-display ads.
  • Get started with a free consultation from our video marketing experts.
  • The perfect video marketing solution for small businesses.
  • Get started with a free trial and get access to our powerful video marketing tools.


  • A community of video marketing experts.
  • Get advice and tips from our video marketing experts.
  • Learn from our video marketing blog.
  • Stay up-to-date with the latest video marketing news


  • Our team of video marketing experts is here to help you succeed.
  • Get started with a free consultation.
  • We help eliminate uncertainty when scaling your business with YouTube ads.

The Top 1 free resource on the internet for information about using YouTube advertisements.

The 5 Key Features of

1. YouTube Video Ad Breakdowns

Obtain templates that you may use, regardless of your budget, to produce your own effective YouTube advertisements.

2. Step-By-Step Guides

How-to guides and tutorials with step-by-step instructions: Apply the methods & tactics we currently employ to control more than $1M in monthly YouTube ad spending.

3. VidTao Powerful Tools

With the help of VidTao’s exclusive YouTube ad research tool and library, you can identify the greatest advertising of your rivals and learn about the most effective targeting strategies so you can capitalize on what is currently successful in your industry.

4. VidTao Community

The VidTao Community is an exclusive Slack group where other leading YouTube advertisers and we communicate what is currently effective, providing you a significant advantage over rivals in your market.

5. VidTao Team

Our team oversees more than USD 1 million in lucrative YouTube ad spend each month for clients in a variety of locations, including:

  • Digital Information products
  • Ecommerce
  • Live events

Why is VidTao very useful for marketing?

VidTao can help you with your video advertising in several ways:

  1. You may design high-caliber, targeted adverts that promote your film with our effective video advertising tools.
  2. Use our optimization tools to increase the number of views and subscribers for your videos.
  3. Use our comprehensive analytics to monitor your progress and gauge the effectiveness of your video marketing campaign.
  4. Our video marketing tools provide a free trial you may use to get started.
  5. Join our network of video marketing specialists to receive guidance and recommendations on how to succeed with your video marketing strategy.
  6. The most recent information on video marketing can be kept up to date.
  7. Our video marketing specialists can provide a free consultation to help you get started.

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YouTube Ads Made Easy
Discover & Track Your Market’s Best Youtube Ads.

Everything You Need To Succeed With YouTube Ads

YouTube Ad Library
Most comprehensive library of YouTube ads running right now, in every market imaginable. Thousands of YouTube ads, all searchable and trackable so you can see what is working in your right now. Updated daily. Get full free access here.


Step-by-step Guides & Tutorials
Discover best practices and step by step instr64uctions on how to create, setup, launch, optimise and scale high performing YouTube ad campaigns. Let our team of YouTube experts show you how to succeed and scale.


YouTube Video Ad Breakdowns
We break down today’s best performing YouTube ads into simple, repeatable frameworks, so you can quickly and easily script and create high performing YouTube ads for your business. (No studio? No Problem. All you need is an iPhone to get started creating great ads using these frameworks.)

How VidTao Works
Watch below to see how VidTao lets you discover & track the YouTube ads that are working in your market, right now:

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Everything You Need To Succeed With YouTube Ads