8 eCommerce Marketing Tools You Should Be Using in 2023

August 5, 2021

Ecommerce Marketing Tools

8 eCommerce tools you should be using in 2023


The eCommerce industry is growing almost 20% year over year, which makes now the perfect time to have an online store on Shopify, Amazon, Ebay or any of the other popular eCommerce platforms.

Below we’ve compiled a list of ecommerce tools to help you boost the performance of your eCommerce business. We’ve also listed tools that will improve your customer communication, increase traffic to your site, keep you up to date on the latest inventory and give you insights into how your competition is doing.

Wherever you are in your eCommerce journey we are sure the tools we’ve listed can become useful to you.


  1. AMZShark 

Ecommerce Tools

First on our list is AMZShark. AMZShark is a competitive analysis tool specific for Amazon sellers who are keen to grow their business.

The tool is great for checking the rankings of your products against your competitors, in Amazon’s search engine. You can also search what keywords you should use to describe your product so your product gets more exposure.

AMZShark also offers many other notable features such as:

  • Review Alerts- which alerts you to your reviews but also alerts you to the number of reviews your competitors are getting.
  • Niche scout – allows you to scout niche products.
  • Sales tracker – which tracks your sales as well as the sales of other products on Amazon.
  • Listing scout – this feature helps you refine and organise your inventory.
  • Supplier scout– Helps you scour the web for suppliers.


The first month on AMZShark is free.

Price ranges from $99 per month.


  1.   AdNabu


AdNabu is a great tool if you have a Shopify store.

The tool is a Google shopping app that helps you advertise on Google, by creating personalized ad’s for your products.

The tool can not only create thousands of ad’s for you but makes sure that those ad’s are easy to read and keyword rich-  so that you are able to reach as many people as possible.

AdNabu also inspects your products and rates them. Each product is given a score out of 100 based on your product’s attributes, at the end you are given advice on how to improve on that score. Higher score results equals more shopping sales.

Price ranges from $99.


  1. GetResponse 


GetResponse is an email marketing software tool that sends your customers engaging emails, with information about discounts and offers on your products.

GetResponse offers you cool features- such as offering you over 150 ready to go email templates, which you can play with to suit your shop’s particular style.

The tool also allows you to build a trusty email customer list, where you can arrange automated emails to be sent out to your customers. So your customers can be kept up to date on any new products, sales and special marketing campaigns to drive up sales. In that way GetResponse is a great time saving tool.

Price ranges from $15. 


  1. Klaviyo

Klaviyo is a similar tool to GetResponse, it is an email marketing tool that offers personalised communication in the form of emails.

With Klaviyo you’ll be able to send emails containing information on special offers and exclusive products to some customers, and recommended products based on previous purchases to other groups of customers. You will also be able to give customers who have abandoned their shopping carts a little email nudge; to remind them their cart is still there if they wish to make a purchase.

The Klaviyo tool is very easy to use. Its dashboard is very clean and easy to understand. It’s also worth noting that Klaviyo can be integrated with the leading eCommerce platforms and tools like Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, Stripe, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, and more.

Prices vary. 

  1. SuperLemon 

The SuperLemon tool is a WhatsApp chat plugin for Shopify, that gives you the ability to directly communicate with customers live. With SuperLemon you’ll be able to directly address customers and them with the support they need. The WhatsApp dashboard provided by SuperLemon supports multiple chat agents.

SuperLemon also allows you to send template based cart recovery messages to those customers who haven’t completed their purchases.

The SuperLemon tool is very bright, colourful and easy to use. It comes highly recommended by those businesses that like to build consumer trust through direct customer communication.


Prices range from $9.99.


  1. MerchantWords 

The next eCommerce marketing tool on our list is MerchantWords.

MerchantWords is geared to those who want to sell on Amazon. The tool analyses what is selling best on Amazon and offers a huge database where you can search and explore product trends.

This gives you an insight into which products to promote, which products you should pick to sell but also the best price to sell them for. With this knowledge you can better focus your marketing campaigns as you’ll be able to promote the products that are popular.

Prices range from $29. comes highly recommended. It is a re-pricing tool that adjusts the prices of your products so you are able to remain competitive in your field.

With you can set up a pricing strategy, a financial goal you want to achieve, as well as cap the prices of certain products so you don’t lose out on any money.

The re-pricing tool works automatically and round the clock. Another added benefit of the tool is that it is easy to use and can be synced very easily to your Amazon, Ebay, Walmart or other seller accounts. So, if you are looking to boost revenue, might be just the tool for you.

Prices range from $49

  1. Shopkeeper

Shopkeeper is an award winning ecommerce tool designed to be used by Amazon sellers who want to keep a close eye on their profit margins.

Shopkeeper is great at calculating everything you need to know -from your costs, revenue, refunds, inventory total, import taxes etc. The tool calculates everything automatically and presents the information in an easy to read, colorful style.

If your math skills leave a lot to be desired, Shopkeeper is really the tool you need.

Prices range from $90.