See exactly how much Profit you made on Amazon
Takes into account Amazon Fees, PPC Spend, Manufacturing and Shipping
You can easily check your stats on your mobile.

No need to side-scroll or zoom anything.

Sales Overview on Mobile
Your sales from all Amazon Marketplaces are summed up
You can expand each row to see the breakdown by country

Multiple Marketplaces

You can see a list of all your expenses for sold products.

Detailed Expensed
Shopkeeper Checks for new Sales automatically for You
Every 5 Minutes
Shopkeeper Today Sales Overview
Leave Shopkeeper open in another tab, and it will notify you when a new sale comes in.

Shopkeeper in Another Tab
When you make a new sale, you will hear a Cash Register Sound.

When you are back from being away for a while, you will see how many sales you missed.

See how many Units you have In Stock
and how long it will last
Inventory Overview
Choosing a specific country will give you a good overview of stock availability there.

Select options in for Inventory
You can easily check your inventory on your mobile.

No need to side-scroll or zoom anything.

Inventory Overview on Mobile
Your Dashboard shows Helpful Info about your Inventory
You can check the total value of your units or see the overstock levels
Inventory Widgets
Business Dashboard
Has widgets with most important metrics – best sellers, growth curve, overall profit margin, inventory value.
What will I mainly use this app for?
Check your daily sales on Amazon and keep an eye on your profit margins with the Shopkeeper Sale Tracking App. An investment for Amazon Retailers, it allows you to manage multiple marketplaces from one convenient desktop application, and view important information such as total sales, Amazon fees, PPC spends, and shipping costs at a glance.
Shopkeeper checks for new sales automatically to keep you updated 24/7. It lists detailed expenses for every product sold and updates your inventory to let you know what you have left in stock. You can access the Shopkeeper Profit Dashboard on your smartphone, tablet, or PC, and check your sales stats anytime. Plans start at just $20 per month, and you can take it for a test spin on a free trial.

To check your daily sales and keep an eye on your profit margin: