Google My Business Training Course

Google My Business Training Course

Google My Business Training Course


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How To Get Tons Of New Clients…
…Without Spending A Dime!
Google My Business Training Course

If you are a small business, entrepreneur or local marketer who wants to dominate your competition, you are in the right place!

• Did you know, the top three businesses that appear in Google’s Map Pack get up to 60% of all the customers searching for local products and services?

• What’s more, the business with outstanding reviews WINS most of those customers …

• Best of all, this flood of traffic is absolutely FREE!

Dominate Google’s 3 Pack, and you could double your business without paying Google a dime!

It’s true!

The 3 Pack is Google’s final frontier where the small guy can not only compete, but annihilate big corporates in the quest for search engine domination. With Google’s Map Pack, large corporate advertising budgets mean nothing.

What counts is knowing powerful secrets that give YOU the Edge over your competition, leaving them eating your dust!

How cool is that?

Google My Business Training

Our world-class GMB Local Training program will give you the keys to success! After which, you will have the “knowledge” to out-smart your hapless competitors.

Getting started is simple!

Training includes a series of concise videos designed to take you from novice to MASTER in a few short weeks, plus you get PDFs to consolidate your learning.

• No boring, lengthy videos!

• No fluff!

• No fillers!

GMB Local can be used in a similar fashion to an encyclopaedia! If you need information simply select the category, select the video you need and within 5 – 10 minutes you have got the exact info you require!

There are over 50 videos packed with actionable content designed to boost your revenue dramatically!

Get the facts — proven by over 650 hours of research and real-world testing by Google My Business Experts.

Feel free to check out the real life testimonials below. When you join you will meet these guys on our interactive Skype group, which indeed is a mastermind in itself!