A brand is a value-generating machine. But actually generating revenue from that brand? That’s not always easy. How much money your brand makes, and how valuable it becomes, is up to you and (more importantly) your customers. The key to success is knowing what your customers want… and delivering on it.

To win the battle for your customers’ attention—and wallets—you have to win the battle for their hearts and minds first. And that’s where building a great brand comes in.

But what is a brand, really? And what’s the difference between brand values and brand voice? Brand identity and brand personality? And brand positioning and differentiation? So. Many. Questions. And that’s why we have answers in Branding, a PRO-exclusive, interactive course, now available on-demand.

Start by enhancing your understanding of brands and how brands build value, then expand your understanding by digging into brand promise and brand strategy—and how they work together. Plus, you’ll explore how to roll out a brand campaign that captures your audience and solidifies your brand’s differentiation in the marketplace.

Next, you’ll get into how to apply these concepts to the real-world. You’ll learn how to develop dynamic creative briefs that ensure your programs remain on brand and on message. Then, you’ll uncover how to make the right social (media) moves to extend your identity and create brand advocates, and how to elevate your brand and foster interactions with your customers through integrated public relations. Finally, you’ll review what to do when it’s time to rebrand.

1 Explain what a brand is and the different types of brands
2 Discuss how a brand can generate value for your customers and your company
3 Identify the components of a “brand promise” and know how to create your own
4 Understand the three phases of building a brand strategy