Course Mastery


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Everything you need to know about creating a passive income teaching with online courses

Do you have a passion or a hobby that you know a lot about? Did you know you could be creating a full time passive income just by simply teaching others what you already know?? I know your thinking.. I don’t have time for that.. How could I ever spend the time and money to get something like this setup??

Well don’t worry because it’s sooooo much easier that you would ever think it is and we want to show you just how to get setup A-Z step by step!

You could be setup in just one weekend and have a course online making an income for you and your family!

Does that sound good to you? I thought so. 🙂

We are going to hold your hand (figuratively speaking of course) through the whole process start to finish. Plus a special bonus I’ll share in a second.

Here’s what you get with “Course Mastery”

How to formulate an idea into a solid to the point outline of how you will teach the idea step by step
How to record your course. ( What type of equipment they need ” no need for a professional set up”, how to record effective lesson videos, how to present yourself onscreen)
How to set up your teachable account that will host your course. (it’s free 🙂
Editing (software, how to simplify editing)
Putting your course together in teachable with all your course videos
How to market your course (techniques and tools to properly market your course and get it out to the public) How to share on the major platforms (social media sites) Free marketing
Access to free marketing products (ebooks, training videos, etc) this will help you continue your education and learn new tips and tricks after your setup and moving along down the road.
Free Access to “Mind Power Mastery” course
Free Access to In Depth Camtasia Training Course