Creating Content for Effective Demand Generation

Creating Content for Effective Demand Generation

Creating Content for Effective Demand Generation


Creating Content for Effective Demand Generation

Take the time to develop content for each unique persona you’re targeted in your demand generation campaign. Demand-generation content succeeds best when you develop a keen understanding of your buyers and of their individual purchase paths.


A successful demand-generation program is fueled by content that is carefully crafted for each of the unique personas who have an influence on a buying decision.

In Creating Content for Effective Demand Generation you’ll learn to use research to develop highly specific buyer personas. You’ll see how to identify trends and use common themes to create personas that accurately reflect your intended audience. And you’ll learn how the different roles on a buying committee can give your personas even more depth.

Once you’ve created your multi-dimensional personas, you’ll mark the milestones each buyer takes along the purchase path. Map those, and you’ll be able to create content that aligns with each stage of their journey. You’ll provide relevant and memorable messages that deepen your relationship with the buyer, move them through the sales process faster, and ultimately lead to more and more sales.

Start creating content experiences that are conversational, engaging, and valuable to the people you seek to reach.


  • 1 Use insights to create your buyer personas and pinpoint their role in the buying committee
  • 2 Use insights to map your buyer’s journey
  • 3 Document the buying milestones, including the steps, personas, and time it takes for a buyer to move through each stage
  • 4 Align your content with your buyer personas
  • 5 Understand the value of a content architecture, and develop it by persona