Facebook Ad Secrets


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Made for beginners just starting in Facebook Advertising

This special training program on how to master FB Ads can help you learn that new skill to save your business!You’ll Learn To Master The Most Complete And Updated FB Marketing System To Generate Qualified Leads & Profitable Sales!

You will discover…

✓ The No. 1 Rookie Mistake most Business Owners, your friends and family do when they try to sell on Facebook for the first time (and why you need to stop this sh*t right now before you waste any more time and money)

✓ The blueprint for using Facebook to generate qualified (yet inexpensive) leads that go on to become your Customers or Clients✓ How to build your brand passively

✓ How to close more sales on sheer autopilot in the next 14 to 30 days for dirt cheap (I’m talking down to cents here)

✓ How to trounce your Competitors next door (there is a high chance they are clueless about Facebook Ads themselves!)

✓ And more…

When your Business is on the decline, it’s common to find yourself working harder to produce the same results…

FB Ad Secrets is designed for beginners who want to learn and for existing marketers who want to sharpen their FB Advertising skills.

In this online training program, you will discover the secrets to create your FB (and Instagram) ads effectively, how to optimize for better results, and ultimately generate qualified leads and profitable sales

Everything taught in this program is a result of hundreds of Ad Campaigns and tens of thousands of dollars spent.

Topics covered:

Evergreen FB Marketing Formula
How To Create Your BF Business Account
How To Create Your FB Page
FB Page Crash Course
How To Create FB Pixel And Add To Your WordPress
Setting Up Your Ads Manager Column Breakdown
Understanding Ads Manager & Objectives
How To Create Custom Audience
How To Create Retargeting Ads & Save Lost Traffic
Advanced Retargeting Method
How To Tweak Your Ad Targeting
How To Spy On Competitors FB Ads
And much more