Finding Potential SEO Clients

Finding Potential SEO Clients

Finding Potential SEO Clients


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Finding Potential SEO Clients
About this course

Where and how does your agency find new clients?

Efficient prospecting is the best way to find potential customers who need SEO, have a budget, and have potential to rank. But how do you find those clients, what tools should you use, and how do you determine if they’re “the one”? The lessons in this course present various methods of attracting and finding clients to pitch.

In this course, we explain various aspects and methods of prospecting, including:

How to improve your website to attract potential clients
Why and how case studies can sway prospects
Tips for creating a compelling case study
Leveraging your online presence in other areas, such as social media and blogs
Mining for prospects by keyword in Google
Mining for prospects who are paying for visibility, but aren’t ranking organically
The power of referrals
Searching for prospects offline
Preparing for outreach by investigating prospects’ online activity
Prioritizing who to reach out to
Tips for contacting a prospect for the first time

By the end of this course, you’ll have a firm understanding of the tools you can use to prospect, how to mine for data, and how to organize and prioritize that data.