How to Develop and Manufacture Your Product

How to Develop and Manufacture Your Product

How to Develop and Manufacture Your Product


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How to Develop and Manufacture Your Product

This course helps you navigate the overwhelming work of developing and procuring your product to sell on Commerce. This blueprint serves to break down every step from design to receiving your product. Learn how you can create the same products that you see around you, and understand the process of communication, manufacturing, and global logistics.

  • How to research to find a credible manufacturer
  • How to develop your idea into a winning product
  • How to manage logistics of shipping product to your customers
  • The value of manufacturing your own products


Lesson 1: Welcome to the course!

Lesson 2: Why you should manufacture your own products

01 |Module 1: Product Planning Process

Lesson 1: Identifying the core product

Lesson 2: Customizing your product

Lesson 3: Creating a product spec sheet

02 |Module 2: Manufacturer Research

Lesson 1: Finding the right manufacturer

Lesson 2: Communicating with manufacturers

Lesson 3: Negotiation

03 |Product Development

Lesson 1: Prototyping and sampling

Lesson 2: Product testing

Lesson 3: Placing the purchase order

Lesson 4: Quality Assurance (QA) check for products

04 |Module 4: Logistics

Lesson 1: Considering the right freight option

Lesson 2: Bringing your shipment to your country

05 |Module 5: Congratulations and Next Steps

Lesson 1: Congratulations and Next Steps