Import Dojo Masterclass

Import Dojo Masterclass

Import Dojo Masterclass


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Import from China, sell on Amazon in 2020 and build your own eCommerce business

The ImportDojo Masterclass – The only course on the internet from an actual expert living and working in China. Learn how to make money online by one of the only business models that defies the coronavirus. More people than ever need to buy goods online!!
What to expect?
The ImportDojo Masterclass consists of three courses (Case Study, Brand Evolution & Certifications) with over 30 hours of video material. It is the most complete course on the internet to learn about importing from China, sell on eCommerce sites (such as Amazon or your own site) and the only course that teaches you certifications and regulations when importing from China.
Start building your own eCommerce business from the comfort of your home, while travelling or as a side project. You can start selling on Amazon with any budget and I will guide you along the way step by step. When I built this course I set out to help people who want to build their own online business, escape the hamster wheel and live a location-independent lifestyle.
Whether you want to build up for retirement, live in an exotic location, buy a new gadget or pay your kids tuition – this is for everyone! In the last 5 years I have helped thousands of beginners, advanced or new entrepreneurs to build their dream. Moreover in these times many people are affected by the coronavirus and this business model is one of the only sustainable models that still thrives. People need to buy things online more than ever!!
But that’s not all, I have also added 3 videos on how I launch my products in 2020 and beyond. Those are some strategies that I have never shared before. Rightfully so, because I reveal how I have stopped using Amazon PPC and only rely on external traffic that I build.
Join today and build yours!!
What’s included?

Amazon Case Study
Learn how to source from China & sell on Amazon like a pro! Follow the only live case study on the internet.

Brand Evolution
Learn how to build a brand from scratch. Build your eCommerce empire.

Learn everything about compliance and certification when importing from China.