Life Stages of a Brand

Life Stages of a Brand

Life Stages of a Brand


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Life Stages of a Brand

Growing a company is hard and exciting. At different stages of your brands growth there are new opportunities, but what do you prioritize?

This 30 minute free course is designed to help you make concrete decisions about the next best steps to grow your brand.

In this course, you will learn:

Tactical approaches to strategy based on your life stage
Methods for future proofing your business with
Tools to continually analyze growth and strategic investments

Taught by Doug Hollinger, VP of Strategy at BVA (a commerce agency that incubates and grows top direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that people love) you’ll benefit from his 20 years of experience with the right strategies to use to help you prioritize your growth.


Introduction to the Course

01 |The 4 Stages of a DTC Brand

The 4 Stages of a DTC Brand

02 |The Builder

The Builder

03 |The Adapter

The Adapter

04 |The Scaler

The Scaler

05 |The Collaborator

The Collaborator

06 |Next Steps + Congratulations

Next Steps + Congratulations