Introduction to Packaging Your Products

Introduction to Packaging Your Products

Introduction to Packaging Your Products



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Introduction to Packaging Your Products

Every physical product you buy needs packaging.

Whether you ship apparel, beauty, furnishings, food & beverage, telemedicine or cannabis, this course is for you.

Your packaging is your billboard, it works hard for you and is the first physical touchpoint for your customer. Plus 63% of consumers say packaging appearance compelled them to purchase the product again!

In this course, taught by Phillip Akhzar, CEO of Arka, you’ll be able to:

Discover the best practices of packaging products so you can make success oriented decisions for your business, like optimizing costs and saving money on shipping.
Consider the value of thinking sustainably when making packaging decisions
Boost customer loyalty with packaging as your secret weapon

Whether you’re an ecomm veteran or new to selling online, this course will help you enjoy the process of choosing your packaging. Sign up now for free to get started.

Packaging Tiers

Packaging Styles

Print Processes 101

How to Calculate Packaging Costs

Do’s and Don’ts of Packaging Design

01 |Sustainability & Shipping

How to Design and Ship Sustainably

Eco-Friendly Materials and Facilities

How to Ship Sustainably

02 |Customer Loyalty and Revenue Secrets

Inserts and Extras

03 |Conclusion

Conclusion + Next Steps