Introduction to Strategic Store Content

Introduction to Strategic Store Content

Introduction to Strategic Store Content


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Introduction to Strategic Store Content

In this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of creating strategic content for your online store that will have a strong ROI.

This course is created and taught by Arianne Foulks, founder of Aeolidia, a design and development agency that has been working with designer and artisan businesses for over 16 years.

In this course you will discover:

  • How to optimize your website, by focusing on best practices
  • Each page on your site can be optimized to lead potential customers through checkout.
  • Use Arianne’s best practices to optimize your site
  • Case studies from entrepreneurs and how they optimized their store content to increase sales


Introduction to the Course

01 |The Foundation of a Profitable Website

Making Your Website a Steady, Profitable Sales Channel

What to Prepare Before This Work

02 |7 Pillars of Strategic Online Store Content

Homepage Content & Messaging

Product Photography/Video That Tells a Story

Product Descriptions That Sell

Storytelling For Your Brand

Social Proof

Signs of Life

Reassurance and Trust

03 |Putting It All Together

How to Measure Success

Congratulations and Next Steps