Jumpstart Amazon


JumpStart Amazon
Build a Successful Amazon FBA Business

Finally, a step-by-step process on​ how to build a profitable Amazon
​FBA business that is set up for long-lasting success.

Since 2012, I’ve been able to make a full-time income by only spending part-time hours selling quality merchandise on Amazon… and you can too!

Selling on Amazon can be a great way to build up an income that can help you reach your long-term goals like supporting your family, paying off your debts, and saving for retirement. In about 6 to 7 months after I started selling on Amazon, I was already making a full-time income to support myself and my family, and my sales have grown every year since.
The best part of selling on Amazon is that Amazon does most of the work for you! You find the inventory, send it to Amazon, and let Amazon do all of the inventory storage, selling, packing, shipping, and customer service for you.
Now, don’t misunderstand me and think this is some get-rich-quick scheme. While it’s totally possible to start making a full-time income on Amazon in less than a year, it’s still hard work. There is so much to learn in order to build a successful Amazon business from the start. It all comes down to building the right foundation – and that’s why I created JumpStart Amazon.

What You Can Expect
JumpStart Amazon is a combination video course and ebook. The content in both the book and videos is almost identical, so you can decide which way you would like to learn best – watching or reading.
The ebook is over 220 pages filled with the content and graphics you need to start a successful Amazon business from scratch. Written in an easy to understand voice with no fluff, the ebook is packed with more results-focused knowledge than any other ebook out there centered around starting an Amazon business.

The video course features 5 main sections, 19 content-packed modules, and over 40 videos adding up to over 10 and a half hours of video training. This training is set up to help you build a solid foundation and then know how to find growth and success on top of the basics. If you want more details, then check out the course breakdown below.

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JumpStart Amazon:
Build a Successful Amazon FBA Business
Table of Contents

SECTION 1 – Building the Foundation

Chapter 1 – Introduction (page 4)

Living the Dream!
About Stephen Smotherman
What to Expect
How to Get the Most From This Course
Chapter 2 – Why Sell on Amazon (page 10)

Amazon FBA
Inside an FBA Warehouse
Growth of Amazon and Amazon Prime
Outsourcing and Growth Potential
Chapter 3 – Amazon Success Essentials (page 17)

Start With Why
Goal Setting
The Power of Focus
The Marathon Mindset
Chapter 4 – Arbitrage Basics (page 25)

What is Arbitrage?
Arbitrage Strategies for Amazon
Tools to Find Profitable Inventory
Where to Find Profitable Inventory
Chapter 5 – Business Basics (page 35)

Business vs Hobby
LLC, S-Corp, Sole Proprietorship?
Know Your Numbers
Chapter 6 – Opening Your Seller Account (page 45)

What to do Before You Open Your Seller Account
Individual vs Profesional Seller
How to Open Your Seller Account
Chapter 7 – Understanding Amazon (page 54)

The Amazon Guidelines
The Buy Box
What Can I Sell?
Sales Rank (aka Amazon Best Sellers Rank)
Item Conditions
SECTION 2 – Building Up Your Inventory

Chapter 8 – How to Find Profitable Inventory (page 87)

Sourcing Apps
Sourcing Decisions
Intro to CamelCamelCamel
Intro to Keepa
Understanding Sales Tax
Chapter 9 – Where to Find Profitable Inventory (page 112)

Garage Sales & Thrift Stores
Retail Arbitrage
Online Arbitrage
Other Strategies
The Abundance Mentality
Chapter 10 – Sending in Your First Shipment (page 155)

Inventory Prep
Listing on Seller Central
Listing on InventoryLab
Packing and Shipping to Amazon
Chapter 11 – How to Price Your Inventory For Profitable Sales (page 166)

Understanding Supply and Demand on Amazon
Simple and Advanced Pricing Strategies
Competing Against Amazon
SECTION 3 – Understanding The Framework

Chapter 12 – Basics of Seller Central (page 174)

Seller Central Overview
How to Open a Help Ticket with Amazon
How to Use the FBA Calculator
How to Create a Removal Order
Chapter 13 – Your First Amazon Disbursement (page 175)

Paying Yourself vs Reinvesting into Inventory
SECTION 4 – Troubleshooting

Chapter 14 – Customer Feedback (page 181)

Feedback Expectaions
How to Remove Negative Feedback
How to Increase Positive Feedback
Chapter 15 – Dealing with Returns (page 191)

Returns 101
Understanding the Returns Report
Getting Reimbursed for Items Not Returned
Chapter 16 – Selling Slow Moving Inventory (page 200)

Understanding Storage Fees
Sales Strategies
Understanding Long-Term Storage Fees
Avoiding Long-Term Storage Fees
Chapter 17 – Protecting Your Amazon Seller Account (page 207)

Proactive Strategies
Preventing an Account Suspension
SECTION 5 – Your Next Steps

Chapter 18 – How to Know What to do Next (page 213)

Chapter 19 – Final Thoughts (page 217)

Appendix 1 – Recommended Reading (page 222)