Landing Page Design & Email Marketing / Automation Integration


Landing Page Design & Email Marketing/Automation Integration
High Conversion Landing Page , Leads Generation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Made Easy !

What you’ll learn
Tips for High Conversion Landing Page
How to use Funnelytics for Marketing Strategy design
Design Landing Page from scratch with Elementor on WordPress Website
Design Landing Page using Landingi Templates
Integration of Landing Page with Mailchimp and ActiveCampaign
E-mail Marketing and Automation
How to drive traffic from Facebook to a Landing Page using Facebook Ads
How to setup Facebook Remarketing Ads
Computer Literacy is required for the Course.
Great to have you here!. Are you a business owner with a vision to have a profitable business and generate leads without hassle, Have you been a Traditional Marketer subjected to career threats because you lack digital marketing skills, This course has been designed to help you conquer your challenges and help you achieve your dreams.

In the first section, you will be taught how to map and analyse a marketing strategy/funnel for your business . A sample business will be used as a case study. In the second section, you will explore Tips on how to design a high conversion landing Page. You will learn how to design Landing Page using templates on Landingi in Section 3 while the following section will simplify how you can integrate your Landingi page with Active-campaign, An E-mail Marketing and Automation Platform.

Furthermore, the fifth section will demostrate how to design a Landing Page using a tool called Elementor on your WordPress Website.The following section will reveal how to integrate the Landing Page with Mail-chimp for E-mail Marketing and Automation.Finally , we will touch on driving traffic to your Landing Page by setting up a Facebook Ad to demostrate that. The concluding section will display how to setup a Facebook re-marketing Ad to re-target those who did not subscribe to mailing list on Landing Page.

Who this course is for:
Business Owners , Traditional Marketers, Digital Marketers , Website/Front-End Designers and Developers and other interested persons.