Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) Fundamentals

Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) Fundamentals

Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) Fundamentals


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Learn Pay Per Click (PPC) Fundamentals
Maximize your Pay Per Click advertising potential by learning from the industry’s best!

Manage fundamental aspects of Digital Marketing – Pay Per Click – Search Engine Marketing
Formulate, plan and execute effective Pay Per Click Campaigns
Be up-to-date with latest best practices for PPC
Apply PPC best practices in websites and campaigns
No prerequisites for this training course.
This course will walk you through all the basics of Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising from its very definition down to the benefits, its relationship with Search Engine Marketing (SEM), the different components of PPC such as common paid search marketing terms, AD groups, Display Network, Quality Score, organization structure, billing models, Ad Auction, Keywords, text ads and expanded text ads, ad extension, targeting , a-b testing and more.

Who this course is for:
Online Marketers
Online Marketing Associates
Marketing Specialists
Associate Marketing Specialists
Marketing Managers/Managers