Managing a Remote Marketing Team

Managing a Remote Marketing Team

Managing a Remote Marketing Team


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Become great at managing a remote marketing team

Empower your remote team with effective strategies

After taking this course you’ll…
Consistently achieve your team’s goals together
Report high team satisfaction and team morale scores
Keep your best employees for the long-term
Attract top talent that wants to work for you
In just 14 sessions, you’ll be able to…
Deliver your best-ever results as a team
Develop your people using goal-setting frameworks, 1:1 templates, career plans, and project workflows that are fine-tuned for remote management
Build the ideal remote team ops foundation: world-class tools for working together plus efficient systems for projects, data, reporting, and visibility
Run smooth meetings that people actually enjoy, and keep your team working in sync no matter how hairy the project
Understand the human psychology behind what makes your teammates tick and how to support teammates best when everyone is remote
This course is essential for you if …
You want to not just survive but thrive with managing a remote team of marketers, whether spread out across the globe or country.
You’re a VP, Director, or Manager looking for ways to better organize, communicate, and empower your team so that it consistently reaches its goals.
You want to increase your influence and responsibility within your company by showing that you can build a high-performing team and deliver results.