Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z

Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z

Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z


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Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z

Learn how to launch a Marketing Campaign from start to finish

What is a “marketing campaign”? And—just as important—how do you design a good one? We created this course to answer these crucial questions and more. Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z walks is an introductory level course that walks you through how to create a marketing campaign and plan from start to finish.

Marketing is a key part of any business. Whether you are just getting started in marketing, have been managing an email channel, or you’re an entrepreneur, Marketing Campaign Strategy from A to Z helps ensure that your campaigns are customer centric

In this course, you will:

  • Learn the steps involved in planning and executing a marketing campaign
  • How to leverage the marketing funnel to identify your marketing campaign goals
  • Develop a campaign strategy statement that’s grounded in understanding your customer.
  • Use the Marketing Mix to highlight the right benefits for your audience
  • Introduction to digital marketing channels like email and paid ads that can be leveraged in your campaign
  • Develop basic A/B testing plans and learn other common marketing analytics terms.
  • Plan a launch a winning Marketing Campaign Strategy and Plan
  • Understand the components of a Creative Brief to effectively work with designers and copywriters!
  • And more!

This course has exercises, answers to frequently asked questions, quizzes to test your knowledge, a wealth of resources and real-world examples that we’ve faced when running marketing campaigns. Moreover, each lecture is quick, to-the-point and designed to fit in your busy schedule. Anyone can benefit from marketing skills—all it takes is five minutes a day!

What you’ll learn

  • How to plan a digital marketing campaign from start to finish.
  • Use multiple marketing channels to reach a marketing campaign goals.
  • Create campaign messages that are tailored to your target audience.
  • Understand how to measure a campaign
  • Launch your marketing campaign with customer centric messaging

Who this course is for:

  • Students interested in learning how to create a marketing campaign across multiple digital channels.
  • Students interested in the steps involved in running a marketing campaign.
  • Entrepreneurs, paid acquisition marketers, email marketers, product marketers or aspiring marketers interested in better understanding campaign strategy more.