Planning for Effective Demand Generation

Planning for Effective Demand Generation

Planning for Effective Demand Generation


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Planning for Effective Demand Generation
A successful demand-generation program can directly grow your organization’s bottom line. But smart planning is key. Good planning will help you put together a process that Marketing and Sales can follow to bring in more sales opportunities and revenue… and avoid common pitfalls that so many companies encounter.

Buyer-Centric demand generation is all about putting your customer first for more wins. Simple enough, if done right.

In Planning for Effective Demand Generation, Founder and CEO of VisumCx, Carlos Hidalgo, takes you through the process of getting ready to execute effective demand generation programs and campaigns. You’ll learn the key steps you need to take before you start creating buyer personas. You’ll discover the questions to ask—and who to ask—so that you have deep insights into the motivations of the different decision makers who have a say in the buying process. You’ll see exactly how to work with Sales to set up a documented lead management process, so you know who your most qualified leads are, and that you’re capturing the data you need to help them through the buyer’s journey. Plus you’ll discover how to measure your impact on revenue generation. And you’ll find out which technology you need to drive your success!

1 Uncover insights into your buyers, from internal and external resources
2 Document and define a process for developing a lead qualification model, lead scoring, and service level agreements
3 Determine if your lead management process is moving prospects through the sales funnel or needs to be reevaluated
4 Define which of the marketing and demand generation KPIs you will adopt for your organization
5 Identify the technology necessary for buyer-centric demand generation