Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign

Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign

Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign


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Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign
Before you write the first word of your first message, you need to fully plan your email campaign. You’ll begin by setting measurable goals, segmenting your list, and selecting your perfect audience. With careful planning, you’ll be sure you’re sending the right message to the right person at the right time.

Email marketing done well delivers off-the-chart return on investment. But only if you take the time to carefully plan each campaign you send. Solid strategy and planning are the foundation for successful email marketing program.

In Planning Your Email Marketing Campaign, you’ll be guided through the planning process by two email marketing experts: Karen Talavera and Samantha Iodice. You’ll learn smart, practical, proven approaches to key steps like setting measurable goals for each campaign, selecting a campaign that aligns with your audience’s needs, segmenting your list in a way that makes sense and drives results, and tapping into behavioral shortcuts that will have prospects opening, reading, and responding to the messages you send.

1 Choose which campaigns to run based on your target audience’s needs
2 Set measurable goals for your email marketing campaign
3 Segment your list based on your campaign goals
4 Select the target audience(s) for your email marketing campaign
5 Use behavioral shortcuts to plan email messages that drive action