Product Analytics


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Become great at product analytics

Make data-driven decisions with product analytics

After 8 sessions, you’ll:
Be a master of collecting and analyzing product-level data accurately
Understand how to implement and track important product metrics
Know how to compare multiple segments of users with distinct traits and consolidate data from multiple users into single profiles
Be a pro at applying useful Google Sheets functions like VLOOKUP and COUNTIF and clustering data as well as apply common MySQL arguments such as COUNT, LIKE and CASE

Google Analytics. Mixpanel. Adobe Analytics.

We’ve all heard of them — they’re great for websites and apps with predefined goals and metrics.

But your product is much more complex and often lacks clear targets or paths to success.

This course will demystify your product data and teach you the methods and techniques you need to turn that data into actionable insights.

This course is right for you if…
…you’re a Product Owner and need to understand more about your product
…you’re an Analyst in a product-driven organization
…you’re a UX Researcher and want to understand more about the product
This course is probably not for you if…
…you have no experience with traditional web analytics
…you already have 2+ years of experience in Product Analytics
…you’re not working with a product