RYR: Level Up Course

RYR: Level Up Course

RYR: Level Up Course


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Most SEOs Never Learn Advanced ON-SITE…..Is This You?

Are you tired of chasing “magic links”?
Not sure where to start to rank your sites?!
Have you bought links and saw minimal or NO results?
Do you have a “stuck” site that just won’t budge?

As Google has leveled up their algorithm over the last few years, Moon and Marie have leveled up (pun intended! HA!) their own on-site, technical SEO testing heavily. With RYR: Level UP!, you can:

Be the next King Or Queen of Lead Gen or local SEO
Because we have and are documenting each case study, you can watch every step we have recorded, and in most cases, look up the site yourself
Learn the safest, yet most effective seo strategies we use on client work and our own sites
Learn our newest link silo, aka The Danny Silo, which is taking sites to the top in Google!
Jump into affiliate sites or
Grow your own SEO agency to its full potential using our own safe strategies
What Will You Learn In The RYR: Level Up Course?

Every SEO strategy we’ve used on our client sites to our own sites is what you will learn, including how we setup sites to how we use on site SEO factors, to technical fixes, to all of our link silos.

Learn how to unstick websites

This portion of the course goes over how we deal with stuck sites. Marie shows you our process with over the shoulder videos so you can follow her A through Z.

Practice safe methods of SEO

Learn the safest, yet most effective seo strategies we use on client work and our own sites: on-site SEO. We include two test case studies for local SEO. These sites are live currently and you can pull them up in your favourite browser as you watch the videos. Again, nothing held back!

Learn Technical SEO

Confused about keyword cannibalization? You won’t be after this specific course module! Marie will walk you through what keyword cannibalization is and what causes it. In fact, she documents this on a live site by CAUSING it and then shows you how to fix it so you can follow the steps on your own site.

Build Your Empire

Moon walks you through the affiliate case study which started with one main case study, but, also goes over a full set of 10. She talks about how to plan your affiliate site structure, to categories, to content, all the way to the silo structure and then some!

“Even after doing large scale SEO for 10 years, I’ve learned amazing insights from Marie Ysais and read more

A few more modules you will find helpful are Everything Silos (we go over all our link silos including the Daenerys Targaryen, where you’ll be able to ride your website to the top of Google!), How to Rank Sites Safely in 2019 & 2020, and lastly, FAQ Fridays which are jam full packed of questions from our students and help clarify concepts.

You will also gain access to the paid only FB group for RYR: Level UP! members.

With a total of 93 videos, Moon and Marie made sure to include every arsenal that is needed for your success without any fluff.

Who Is This Course For?

Our courses aren’t made for everyone. Don’t expect a magic wand to swoop over and your website to start ranking instantly. We teach you step by step, exactly what processes you need to implement. If you learn the strategies and implement, you have the potential to be unstoppable.

You want to be ahead of 90% of the SEO agencies
You want to learn from SEOs who have pushed hundreds of sites in the SERPs!
You want to learn from SEOs who have developed unique, technical strategies to push sites safely
You want to learn from honest SEOs who do things differently
You want to learn from SEOs who keep long term health of your online business in mind
You want to learn SMART, cost effective SEO
You realize that SEO is hard work
You want to learn effective on-site and technical SEO!