Selling the Value of SEO

Selling the Value of SEO

Selling the Value of SEO


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Selling the Value of SEO
About this course

Buying your services doesn’t mean buying in.

When an agency earns new business, the SEO team is usually eager to plan a strategy and get things moving. But they’re sometimes met with less enthusiasm from their new client, who may be in the dark about SEO or skeptical as to its true value.

This course is designed to help you, the agency, convey the value of your services to new and prospective clients. You’ll learn how to communicate the benefits of SEO, potential for ROI, and the advantages of hiring an agency as opposed to taking marketing in-house. You’ll see a breakdown of the three most popular engagement types (hourly, package-based, and project-based SEO). You’ll even get a set of short videos aimed at the agency sales team, with plenty of talking points they can add to their toolkit.

By the end of this course, you’ll understand why client education is the most vital aspect of the client-agency relationship. You’ll be better equipped to walk into your next kickoff meeting with confidence, ready to share your enthusiasm with the client and earn their trust.

This course is ideal for new or established agencies. Whether you’re just beginning to engage your first clients or you already have a healthy client base, these lessons contain persuasive tactics you may never have thought of before.