Tik Tok Basics Course

Tik Tok Basics Course

Tik Tok Basics Course


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Tik Tok Basics Course

TikTok Basics
In this course, you will find out why TikTok deserves your attention, how to make the most of using it and how to join a growing number of brands that are leveraging the platform. If you struggle to grow your brand attention on Instagram or Facebook due to lack of reach, Anna will show you why TikTok is different and why it doesn’t take a huge following to generate success.

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What’s in the Course
Intro To TikTok
Posting in TikTok
The TikTok Algorithm

Anna Kloth is the Founder and Executive Director of Paradise Interns, an educational program that matches capable interns with companies who are looking to step towards the digital age.


Anna has been involved in the diving industry for 6 years and marketing for 8 years. In 2012, she moved to Indonesia as a bright-eyed Master Scuba Diver Trainer where she was first employed by Blue Marlin Dive Komodo. Three years later, Anna began her role as the Director of Business Development for the Blue Marlin Dive corporation doing all things marketing.


In 2016, after feeling a bit like a multitasking octopus, Anna took on two French marketing students to spread out some of the tasks and help give them the real world experience their school dictated. A million laughs and two close friends later, Anna realised that teaching others was the new new. She would choose her own interns, train them and set them up at each shop. The need for dive shops AND prospective interns had presented itself and thus, Paradise Interns was born.